The Challenge

Throughout the history of the built environment, the Owner of every project has ultimately been faced with the most basic of questions


Who will build my project?
How will my project be managed?
Who will represent my interests?

Historically, many Owners have relied on a combination of “in-house” resources which would be charged with the selection, direction, and coordination of the activities of numerous project professionals; an Architect, Engineers, a Construction Manager or General Contractor-or both. The organization of these diverse skillsets is essential to move a project from concept to completion. In cases where an organization maintains an effective in-house capability, the traditional model can, and still, delivers acceptable project results.

Today, an ever-evolving and changing economy, specialization, downsizing, and outsourcing have resulted in the reduction and even the elimination of many former in-house project management and craft capabilities. Advances in technology, rigors of environmental compliance, costs associated with maintaining a staff coupled with the fact that project management and construction may not be part of an organization’s core business-all underscore the logic of retaining an entity that specializes in the enterprise of skillfully managing projects.

The explosion of internet-based technologies and applications has revolutionized how the built environment is conceptualized, designed, constructed and operated. The very success of a project, therefore, depends on the Integrity, Technical Competence, and Experience of the Construction Professional.

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