US Custom House Window Repair Program – Philadelphia, PA

U.S. CUSTOM HOUSE – Philadelphia, pa

  • The JD Bravo Company (Bravo) was selected by the GSA Region 3 to complete a program of repairs and maintenance on the historically certified United States Custom House in Philadelphia, PA.
  • The project consisted of repairs and repainting of approximately 561 major wood windows located between floors 6 and 15.
  • In addition, the building was outfitted with a series of roof anchors from which swing stages can be installed to complete the exterior work.

    Notable features of this project include:

  • Performance of all work while the building is occupied and operating.
  • Daily access and performance of work in occupied offices included extensive interaction with office occupants.
  • Close interaction with GSA staff and historical officer in order to assure all work is historically “acceptable”.
  • Weather permitting, work is scheduled to be completed within contract duration on or prior to November 2019.
  • Project completed ahead of schedule and within a $1.6 million budget.