United States Department Of Veterans Affairs


  • The JD Bravo Company served as the Design-Build Contractor for this critical systems project for the Philadelphia VAMC. Bravo Company was selected through submission of a competitive best-value proposal to design, construct re-route a new concrete box trench system, main steam line, condensate, and return lines connecting the Boiler House and the Main Hospital Building. This project also included renovations to the Main Boiler Plant and conversion of the Building #3 Boiler Plant to natural gas.
  • The project was logistically challenging requiring careful routing and coordination across a dense infrastructure-filled site. Work included reconfiguration of parking and vehicular drives, re-routing and new on-site utility services, renovation of continuously operating boiler plant facilities, and completion of all site work without interrupting ongoing critical care operations of the facility.
  • The Steam Distribution is a “Mission-Critical” feature of this facility as virtually every hospital operating system is steam-based.
  • This project was completed in mid-2015 for a total cost of just over $2 million