Robert Nix Federal Courthouse Chiller Replacement – Philadelphia, PA

Robert n.c. Nix Federal Courthouse chiller – Philadelphia, PA
Chiller replacement program

  • The JD Bravo Company (Bravo) was selected by the GSA Region 3 to complete a bid-build replacement of four existing centrifugal chillers with three new high-efficiency chillers and related piping, pumps, and accessories
  • Bravo assembled a highly competent team to complete the construction of this logistically challenging project.
  • Notable features of this project include:
  • Challenging logistics as the chiller plant is located 30 feet below street level without elevator or vehicle ramp access.
  • All materials and equipment were delivered in component pieces and winched through overhead hatchways below to the mechanical room. Access to subbasement was so severely limited that mock-ups of larger equipment were constructed and test-loaded in simulation to verify the viability of use.
  • All work occurred while the courthouse was occupied.
  • Project completed in April 2020.
  • Project completed within a $1.9 million budget.