Philadelphia Housing Authority Lucien E. Blackwell Community Center


  • JD Bravo Company was awarded the Development-Design-Build contract for construction of a 12,000 sf Community Center and development of the site and surrounding streets and intersections.
  • This project was awarded under a best value proposal format in open competition with larger, established contracting firms and their teams.
  • This project was completed in September 2018 within the original GMP of $6.3 million.

    Project responsibilities included the following:

  • Design and preparation of documents for the consolidation of properties, development of the site, and obtaining all necessary agency approvals.
  • Design, budgeting, value analysis, and scheduling for the construction of the new community center.
  • Meetings and communication with the PHA, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and all government agencies, stakeholders, community groups for the appropriate design, development, construction, and interface within the surrounding community and residents.
  • Obtaining all required permits
  • Construction of new Community Center and surrounding site development.
  • Completion of all punch list and closeout tasks for turnover of the facility.